Privacy Policy

Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care is committed to the best possible periodontal service.

To achieve this, we may need to collect personal information about yourself and the circumstances surrounding your requirements. It is important for us to ensure that you are confident that any personal information you provide to us is treated in the appropriate manner and with the appropriate degree of privacy.

What does “personal information” mean?

Personal information is any information about you that identifies you or by which your identity may be reasonably determined. By collecting this personal information we are able to:

  • Identify the issues of your particular matter,
  • Provide the appropriate level of advice relating to that matter,
  • Contact you when and were necessary,
  • Ensure that you attain the best possible service and advice,
  • Identify you and protect you from any unauthorised access to your personal information.

How Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care collects your personal information

We will always collect your personal information directly from you where possible. Where we are unable to obtain personal information directly from you we will obtain your consent before information is obtained from another party.

Collection of your personal information may occur in a number of ways including:

  • Taking instructions from you,
  • Contact with a financial institution or any other party, on your behalf, and at your request, to obtain such information.

Specifically, personal information will be collected during the course of our relationship with you. Personal information may also be collected when you provide us with further instructions to act on your behalf in other matters.

Information we collect via our website contributes to the development of the site by allowing statistical analysis of users. This collection of statistical data is carried out anonymously with no attempt to identify users or monitor their specific browsing activities.

As such, in order to help us improve our customer service, we may utilise cookies in order to statistically track our web sites performance. We collect anonymous information from users of our web site including monitoring the domains from which people visit and measuring visitor activity. We will only use your disclosed personal information or information generated by cookies that you have provided to us when we have given you notification of the intended use or disclosure and you have not objected to that use or disclosure or you have specifically and knowingly provided that information to us.

Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care will allow anonymous interaction whenever lawful and practicable but wish to advise that failure to provide sufficient details will restrict the quality of service provided.

Regardless of how your personal information is collected and whether or not it is through implied or actual consent, Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care will deal with your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Who would Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care disclose your personal information to?

Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care will only use or disclose personal information for the primary purpose in which the information was collected and consented. However, Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care will divulge personal information when fraudulent or unlawful activity is suspected or Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care is required/authorised by law. In all cases where we may be required to disclose information that is outside the ambit of our retainer, we will attempt to obtain your direct consent for such disclosure.

Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care will not transfer personal information outside of Australia unless the recipient has appropriate privacy protection, you provide consent or the transfer is necessary for the performance of services requested by you.

Ensuring your personal information is up to date

It is important that during the course of your relationship with Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care you notify us of any changes to your personal information which we hold. This includes your contact details and any matter that may be material to the furtherance of your retainer with us.

The security of your personal information

We will take all reasonable precautions to safeguard personal information that is held by us, either on file or on computer, from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Access to your personal information

At any time you may give notice to Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care that you wish to access your personal information that we hold and upon request, Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care will provide access to this information in order to make any amendments if necessary. You may only access your own personal information. Any personal information held on your file, in respect of any other person, will not be disclosed to you.

Sensitive information under the new privacy policy rules

Certain information which may be collected by Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care will be regarded as sensitive information. The disclosure of sensitive information can only be made by Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care with your direct consent, where it is required to establish or defend a legal claim or required by law to be disclosed. Some examples of sensitive information include:

  • Medical-in-confidence information,
  • Financial circumstances.

Wishing to access your personal information

Should you wish to access your personal information, all you need to do is contact Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care on (07) 3350 4344 and advise us of your request.

Complaints about breaches of privacy

If at any time you believe that Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care has wrongfully disclosed your personal information or has breached this privacy policy, then you may lodge a complaint with us by phoning (07) 3350 4344.

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive from Brisbane Implant Dentistry & Perio Care, you may contact the Federal Privacy Commissioner by phoning 1300 363 992 or writing to the Director of Complaints, Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner, GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 1042.