Liz provides oral health education to refugees

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Elizabeth “Liz” Payne, one of our dedicated Periodontal Hygienists, recently volunteered her time at a local TAFE college. Her audience comprised of refugees with varying English vocabulary and communication skills. Some of the students who attended had been in Australia for years, while others had only recently arrived in the country. Liz found that the refugees had also come from different backgrounds; from the educated middle class, to those only knowing refugee camps with no formal schooling.

During Dental Health Week last month, Liz delivered a presentation based around four key points; the importance of regular dental care provided by a dentist, smoking and its effects on oral health, dietary choices and oral health education at home. Students received samples … Continue Reading

Team Culte Dentaire cycle success!

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This past weekend team Culte Dentaire participated in The 2015 Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, and it was a huge success! The race, in it’s 5th year, raised $2.9 million with 703 riders!

Peter, Richard and Jeremy collectively raised just shy of $8000. A fantastic effort by all – especially in support of one of our own, Stuart Brand’s recovery.


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Sports Weekender!

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We hope you have enjoyed some sports focused content this week and can apply some of your newly gained knowledge at sports functions and events over the weekend!… Continue Reading

Read sports bar and drink labels and PROTECT your teeth!

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Plenty of us have been witness to the heavily advertised sports drinks and some even market themselves as being a “healthy alternative” when in reality they are not! Sport bars and drinks contain a significant amount of sugar, which is the main dietary cause of tooth decay. Too much sugar, too often, can lead to dental decay.

If you are consuming sports food and drink at various sporting activities over the course of the week you can reduce the acidic effect by:

1. having your drink with a meal
2. don’t sip or swish your sports drink around in the mouth
3. rinse your mouth out with water after a meal

Read the labels and be aware of the sugar … Continue Reading

Mouthguards – an investment not a luxury!

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Anyone engaging in sporting activities may be at risk of incurring dental problems.

We all recognise the risk of physical trauma to teeth in contact sports such as rugby, AFL, hockey and boxing however even so called “non-contact” sports such as cricket, basketball, netball and soccer are a source of many dental traumas.  To avoid damage to your teeth it is advisable to wear a mouthguard for team sports where collision or falls are possible or almost certain!  Mouthguards can be purchased through a chemist or pharmacy, whereby you heat and shape the device to your mouth. Generally though, these types of mouthguards do not fit properly and hence provide little protection to trauma than a well made custom mouthguard, … Continue Reading

Dental Health Week is here: 3rd – 9th August 2015!

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This year, the Australian Dental Association’s major annual oral health promotion and education campaign is sport focused.

Over the course of the week, Periocare will be spruiking some sporting and oral health truths and hit home the importance of oral health education and meticulous home care.

Keep an eye out for us in the Star Newspaper also!

Dental Health Week 2015 ‘Sports and Oral Health’ aims to raise awareness of three main issues;
– Mouthguard Awareness
– Sports Related Dental Trauma and Tooth First Aid
– Sports Hydration, Dental Caries and Erosion

Jump over to for an informative look at how your actions on and off the field are impacting your oral health!


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Jessica represents QLD in Interstate Rugby Challenge!

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Townsville recently hosted the Women’s State of Origin rugby league Interstate Challenge match against New South Wales. The game was played at Townsville’s 1300SMILES Stadium on Saturday, 27th June as the curtain-raiser to the Round 16 NRL match between the North Queensland Cowboys and Cronulla Sharks. The match was aired on Foxtel. One of Queensland’s star players was our own Jess Gracie, who captains the Carina team in Brisbane.

Despite intermittent rain during the match, Queensland proudly retained the Nellie Doherty Cup with the final result ending up in a 4 – 4 draw.

Congratulations Jess and the Women’s QLD squad!25.06.15 J Gracie 2 25.06.15 J Gracie 4 25.06.15 J Gracie

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