Do I still need to see my Dentist?

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Absolutely! Your periodontist and periodontal hygienist will always reinforce the importance of you keeping regular scheduled examinations/check-ups with your dentist.

Your dentist has referred you to Perio Care to take care of your specific periodontal condition(s), or perform dental implant surgery or maintenance. Of course we will alert you and your dentist if any obvious non-periodontal conditions are detected – but our role and our facilities are focussed on periodontal health not other oral/dental conditions like tooth decay or fillings/denture maintenance etc.… Continue Reading

What does the Periodontal Hygienist do?

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Periodontal hygienists perform the following main functions:

  • Education and advice on a broad range of oral health care issues and maintenance techniques – especially periodontal (gum) health.

At Perio Care a particular focus is placed on improving and maintaining the health of the tissues that support your teeth/implants.

  • Formulating effective and personal home care/cleaning techniques to keep the mouth healthy.
  • Assist in the prevention and of dental caries (decay) and gum disease via clinical removal of plaque and tartar (dental calculus) from teeth by debriding (cleaning) the teeth and root surfaces.
  • Recommend and apply appropriate fluoride and de-sensitising products
  • polish and recontour tooth restorations
  • take dental X-rays
  • make impressions of patients’ mouths for the construction of study casts/moulds
  • apply and
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Why do I see the Periodontal Hygienist at Perio Care?

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The registered periodontal hygienist at Perio Care has a critical role in supporting the care provided by your periodontist.  They have had specific training and exposure to an extensive range of periodontal conditions and treatment modalities – and their work is performed under the immediate and on-site direction of your periodontist.

The absence of gum disease and tooth decay will help you maintain your teeth for life. The hygienist works with the periodontist to establish and maintain a programme tailored to meet your specific needs.

Not all phases of your treatment at Perio Care require the clinical services of your periodontist – some of these can be done by the qualified hygiene team.  This is designed to maximise appointment flexibility … Continue Reading