Peri-implantitis: Myth or Reality?

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Despite the very high success and survival rates of dental implants, complications do arise. While most of these are technical in nature, biological complications can have serious consequences and compromise the integrity of the restoration.

Bone loss around an implant can lead to soft tissue recession which can have a disastrous aesthetic outcome.  While not all bone loss is due to peri-implantitis, this is one of the complications we are seeing with an increasing frequency. It has been difficult to determine the exact prevalence of peri-implantitis, due to the multitude of different implant systems  available and the difficulty in determining a diagnostic threshold for the disease. Mombelli et al 2012 published a review on the epidemiology of peri-implantitis – reporting  … Continue Reading

How expensive are dental implants?

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The treatment and associated costs depend on different factors and can vary from person to person.  The costs are calculated from the number of dental implants to be inserted, and if the bone also has to be “built up” to support the implant.  You will receive a written fee estimate before any treatment at Perio Care.… Continue Reading

How do I care for my Implants?

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As with natural teeth, you will require regular check-ups and a good home care  to maintain your teeth and your dental implants.   Good oral hygiene is very important for preserving the new teeth and implants.  Just like real teeth, thorough but gentle removal of plaque and tartar makes a major contribution to the long-term success of implant treatment.  Perio Care will will tailor a program to maximize the success of your implant.  Regular check ups including professional implant and tooth cleaning are recommended. Perio Care will work together with your dentist to maintain your implant… Continue Reading

Who can have implants?

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Dental implants can be used as soon as jaw growth is complete.  Apart from this restriction, implants can provide an optimal solution for all age groups.  The basic requirements for successful dental implant treatment are a good general state of health, good periodontal health, and adequate bone quality and volume.

If there is inadequate bone, there are various ways of augmenting the bone to provide support for a dental implant.  Whether dental implants are the best solution in an individual case can only be determined by detailed examination and discussion with your dentist / periodontist.  If all the medical requirements are met, careful treatment planning by the dentist is also required if an optimal and long-lasting outcome is to be … Continue Reading

How long will I have to have maintenance appointments at Perio Care?

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Your dentist has referred you to Perio Care for a particular periodontal problem or for implant care.  Our ultimate aim is to return you to your referring dentist as soon as your specific or general condition is healthy and stable.

Sometimes achieving true sustainable gum/implant health is initially difficult for some patients so ongoing maintenance appointments are required until ‘stability’ is achieved.  These appointments may be anywhere from 2 to 12 months apart.

Maintenance care may be exclusively undertaken at Perio Care or there may be a ‘shared’ approach where you see both your dentist and the team at Perio Care until everything is healthy.

Remember, it’s the combination of consistent effective home care and the correct interval of professional … Continue Reading