Liz provides oral health education to refugees

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Elizabeth “Liz” Payne, one of our dedicated Periodontal Hygienists, recently volunteered her time at a local TAFE college. Her audience comprised of refugees with varying English vocabulary and communication skills. Some of the students who attended had been in Australia for years, while others had only recently arrived in the country. Liz found that the refugees had also come from different backgrounds; from the educated middle class, to those only knowing refugee camps with no formal schooling.

During Dental Health Week last month, Liz delivered a presentation based around four key points; the importance of regular dental care provided by a dentist, smoking and its effects on oral health, dietary choices and oral health education at home. Students received samples generously donated by Colgate.

Periocare is very proud of the efforts Liz undertook in donating her time and effort into presenting to a challenging audience from a communication perspective. Liz was very upbeat about the lecture provided saying, “I found all students to be very enthusiastic and engaged. During the presentation students asked many questions and on conclusion, were provided with contact details of their closest dental clinic that are able to attend on a regular basis”.

Well done Liz!


Liz Payne TAFE