Kokoda Village Kids Receive Toothpaste from Periocare

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The Kokoda Track is recognised for its historical ties in World War II, being the location of the pivotal battle between Japanese and Australian forces in 1942. The track itself is a single-file jungle thoroughfare that spans 96 kilometres overland through the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea. The landscape is rugged, very muddy and slippery.

Peter and his youngest son, Casper teamed up with Executive Excellence earlier in the year and began intensive training for the Kokoda trek. Founded by former senior members of the Australian Army and having led many trekking adventures internationally, Peter and Casper were in good hands with the team at Executive Excellence.

On Sunday, 28th September 2014, Peter and Casper flew to Port Moresby. Over the course of eight days, Peter, Casper and fellow trekkers walked from Kokoda Village to Owers’ Corner. On their journey through the rough terrain, the trekking team visited the Isurava Memorial, climbed to Brigade Hill, pushed through the crests of Maguli Range, braved Ua-Ule creek crossings and followed the remains of the ‘Golden Staircase’ constructed by the Diggers before reaching Uberi.

At Kokoda and the Efogi villages, Peter proudly handed over fluoride toothpaste tubes.

 “Having done the trek with my eldest son in 2010, I was concerned with the obvious caries in the kids teeth. So, instead of giving the village kids lollipops, which has been the tradition with previous trekkers, I arranged for 15kg of fluoride toothpaste to be distributed at Kokoda and at Efogi villages which is approximately the halfway point of our trek”. Peter

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