How to kick the habit of smoking

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Millions of people quit the addictive habit of tobacco use every year. The benefits of quitting include reducing the chances of cancer, lung and heart disease.

Tobacco use increases your risk for periodontal treatment complications and/or failure. It also reduces the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to gingival tissues and will impair the body’s defense mechanisms making you more susceptible to infections like periodontal disease. To begin a tobacco-cessation program, ask your Periodontist or medical practitioner for help.

  • Keeping oral substitutes hand such as carrots, apples and sugarless gum.
  • Brushing your teeth.
  • Taking deep relaxing breaths.
  • Spending time in places where smoking is prohibited.
  • Talking to a friend for support.
  • Changing your daily routine and staying busy.
  • Going for a walk.

Quitting the habit is a huge commitment, but one that will give you a lifetime of results.