Is your “extras” cover benefiting you?

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With the April 1 rise in private health insurance, there has been much debate amongst the population as to whether they are seeing the benefits of being in such a scheme.

Shaun Gath, CEO of the Private Health Insurance Administration Council recently voiced his opinion that “extras” cover was an “irrational” purchase for most of the population because the premium paid was more than the benefits derived.

Mr Tom Godfrey, a Choice spokesperson urged Australians to take a serious look at their annual health fund claims statement. “Before you renew extras cover, ask your insurer for a claims statement. If you have paid out more in premiums than has been paid for treatments, you’re not getting a great deal,” Mr Godfrey said.

If you are undecided on whether private health insurance + / – “extras” cover is right for you, visit Australia’s health insurance information page below at or click here for the ADA Private Health Insurance Flyer.


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