Eloise attends the Brisbane “Diner en Blanc”

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Le Diner en Blanc originated in Paris over 25 years ago when a handful of friends held a “white” themed picnic. Today, it is strictly a word of mouth event and only the “privileged” gather at a secret location with the sole purpose of sharing a high-quality meal with good friends at the heart of one of the city’s most beautiful locations. Recognised internationally, the event sees thousands of people dressed all in white, conducting themselves with the greatest decorum, for a mass picnic in a public space.

On Saturday, 11th October, armed with chairs, a table and food, Eloise and her girlfriends were collected by chartered bus and taken to the secret location – Roma Street Parklands. On arrival, guests set-up their table and chairs in rows before settling in for dinner. Following the meal, sparklers were lit by all guests and the dance floor opened. As the event drew to a close, everyone cleaned up their area and loaded up the bus for their return journey home. This event sees all guests leaving at the same time, taking with them the memory of an unforgettable experience.