Elizabeth Eastwell returns from Laos

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Last year we ran a story about one of our past dental assistants, Elizabeth Eastwell, who left Periocare in 2012 to pursue a career in nursing. Elizabeth secured a clinical placement opportunity overseas with Antipodeans Abroad and travelled to Laos in January 2015. Periocare proudly donated a range of dental products and educational models to assist Elizabeth and her colleagues in facilitating dental / oral health education programs in the villages she was to visit.

Elizabeth reports that her trip was fantastic -everything she expected it to be and more!

See her report below:

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Laos. The Laos people had the most kind and gentle souls and were ever so grateful that we came to support their villages and facilitate some much needed health care services. Our days were long. We travelled in open trucks to remote villages and on occasions the journey would take us hours. Laos is very mountainous and the roads we travelled on were dirt, so the trips were long, bumpy and dusty!

Upon arrival and set-up, we would first provide educational classes. Most days we would see 60 – 70 families and most families consisted of five or more. At every educational session and clinical assessment table we had translators and local health care workers working alongside us. Their support was tremendous.

The product supplies donated by Periocare were graciously received. We heard some interesting stories regarding dental hygiene, in particular, how chewing bark would make their teeth strong. As you can imagine, it also resulted in considerable red / black teeth staining! The villagers also chew charcoal to clean their teeth, resulting in quite heavily stained black teeth.

I had the time of my life. It was challenging at times, however reaffirms that I am making a difference and doing what I love. Thanks Periocare for the continued support – it means so much!

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